About us


Middle East Fuji Engineering

Middle East Fuji Engineering ( MEFE) part of the Middle East Fuji LLC Group, head office in Dubai provide complete solution to marine and industrial customers in Middle East SINCE 1999.

  • MEFE is member of Fuji Trading Co., Ltd, Japan having Global Network in Korea, China, Netherland, USA, Singapore,Brazil, Qatar, Oman for supply and services of various equipments and spares
  • We extend our support as a service provider for marine and Industrial engineering requirements with competitive pricing and prompt delivery. Our scope including supply and services of various type of Mechanical , Electrical , Instrumentation and automation equipments and supply of spares of various manufacturers from Japan, Korea, China Far East ,Europe, and USA.
  • Our engineers who are qualified and authorized to undertake supervision of overhauling ,general repair, commissioning & installation of various mechanical , electrical and automation equipments of some reputed Japanese manufacturers such as Shinko, Fukui , Nakakita , MHI, Kosaka , Taiko, Teikoku, Miura, Komyo, Kashiwa, Nippon Pusnes etc
  • Logistic Management- MEF provides in house full range of freight forwarding services such as receiving, clearing, storage, delivery of equipments and spares to any location.

Company History :

  • 1993: Established as Middle East Shipstores, offering chandlery services to ships calling at UAE ports
  • 1999: Established “Engineering Department” in association with Fuji Trading Group Japan for supply and services of various Japanese equipments in Marine & Industrial sector .
  • 2012: Established office in Qatar

Quality Policy-MEFE committed with quality policy accredited and certified to

  • ISO-9001 (Quality Management System)
  • ISO-14001 (Environment Management System)
  • OHSAS-18001 (Occupational Health & Safety Management System)

MEFE internally divided into two sectors such as Marine & Offshore and Plant Machinery to cater two different market segments such as offshore (Marine & Offshore) and on shore ( Industrial Plant Machinery) customers respectively .