Equipment And Spare Parts


We have years of experience in serving marine and offshore industry in the Middle East providing round the clock supply of equipment and spare parts on board Ship and Offshore installations. A one stop shop for Equipment, spares parts, after sales services for all kinds of Ships.

With our longstanding relationships with the manufacturers and shipyards, we can procure any type of machinery / equipment for your vessels and offshore plants and provide prompt after sales support.

Akasaka Diesel Ltd, Fukui Seisakusho Co. Ltd, Fukushima LTD, JOHN GJERDE ,  Kashiwa Co. Ltd, Komyo Rikagaku Kogyo K.K., Kosaka Laboratory Ltd., LK Valves, Makita B&W Mansei Inc, Miura Machine Co., Meiyo Electric Co. Ltd, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co Ltd (Steering Gear), Miura Co.Ltd., Musasino Co. Ltd, Japan (Special arrangements), Nakakita Seisakusho Ltd, Niikura Kogyo Co. Ltd, Nippon Pusnes Co. Ltd, Nishi-F Co.,Ltd, Nunotani Nautical Instruments Mfg Co.Ltd, OSAV / Osaka Valve, Sekigahara Seisakusho Ltd, Shigi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd, Shinko Industries LTD, Taiko Kikai Industires Co. Ltd., Takashina Life Preservers Co. Ltd, Tanabe Pneumatic , Teikoku Machinery, Tsuneishi Forestry Construction Company, Volcano Co. Ltd , General supply of Electric Motors, Air Condition and Refrigeration Equipment, UTI gauges, Portable Detectors, Pressure/ Temperature transmitters and gauges etc.)

Our specialties:
  • Repair, Dry-docks support services
    • With our one stop shop capability we are able to deliver emergency spare parts from authorized makers around the globe, delivered to the vessel using in house 24 X 7 freight forwarding services.
    • Supply of equipment from stock and local markets such as General and Special Valves, spare parts for valves, Air pipe heads, Bearing, Gaskets & seals. Anchor and Chainable etc.
    • Equipment supply including modification job for ships in operation
  • (NBS) New Building Ships
    • Supporting Shipyards with budgetary pricing and project bidding support services.
    • Equipment supply to shipyards for new building ships.
    • Co-ordination between the ship-owners and the manufacturers for the selection of the equipment for new ship building projects.
  • Conversion Project support
    • Supporting Shipyards with budgetary pricing and project bidding support services with the help of Manufacturers from Japan and Korea.
    • Equipment supply for FPSO/FSO/FSU/ FSRU conversion.

Few conversion jobs we supplied equipment and spares while the vessel being converted are: FPSO Atlantic, FPSO Mystras II, FSO Knock Nevis, FPSO Knock Adoon, FPSO Cidade de Vitoria, FPSO Gimboa, FPSO Frade, FPSO Deep Producer I , FPSO Knock Allan, FPSO Frade, FPSO TI ASIA & AFRICA, FPSO RITA, FPSO Aquila, FSRU Liverno

We are the authorized agent for the supply of equipment and spare parts for Japanese Machinery Manufacturers mentioned above.