Equipment And Spare Parts

Automation / Electrical

Automation/Electrical Engineering.

  • Gas Detection System, Tank Level Gauge system & IG System, Alcohol Test Kit
  • N2 Generator, IG Generator, Fire Fighting (Extinguishing) System.
  • Cargo & Ballast tank level gauging equipment, Pressure & Temp. Sensors
  • Main Switchboard/ Emergency Switchboard, Starter Panels , Alarm & Monitoring System
  • Thruster Remote Control System,
  • Propeller Shaft RPM Indicator,
  • Engine Telegraph, Main Engine Remote Control System
    • Authorized Manufacturers
      • Komyo Rikagaku Kogyo
      • Kashiwa Co. Ltd.
      • Nakakita
      • Meiyo Electric
      • JRCS
      • Musasino (Special arrangement)
      • Nunotani Nautical Instruments




  • Troubleshooting, Calibratoin General & Specialized service for above equipment as per manufacturer authorized procedure. Supply of Equipment & Spare Parts