Engineering Services

Marine Safety

Marine Safety Inspections and Certifications

  • Annual / Five Yearly inspection of Lifeboats and Davits, Hook release & Launching Devices as per MSC1/CIRC1206
  • Marine Safety: Lifeboat Annual/Five Yearly Inspection/LRRS Modification.
    • Shigi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd
      Nishi-F Co.,Ltd
      Tsuneishi Forestry Construction Company
  • Davit
    • Sekigahara Seisakusho Ltd.
    • Mansei Inc/Miura Machine Co., Ltd
  • Immersion Suits
    • Takashina life preservers co., ltd
  • Provide inspection service for Immersion suits
  • Fire Fighting (Extinguishing) System
    • Maintenance and Inspection of Fire Fighting Equipment
      Maintenance and Inspection of Life-Saving Appliances
      Kashiwa Co., Ltd. provides authorized inspection service for Fire Fighting (Extinguishing) Systems.


  • Troubleshooting, Inspection and Certification, General & Specialized service for above equipment as per manufacturer authorized procedure. Supply of Equipment & Spare Parts.