Service Solutions

Repairs & Supervision

Technical consultancy for dry docking/ afloat supervision/ arrangement of any emergency repairs onboard your vessels such as pumps & turbine, safety relief valves, diesel engine overhaul/survey, in-water survey and underwater repairs, overhaul/repair of AC/DC electrical equipment, overhaul of deck & engine auxiliary machinery, marine safety & inspection,air-conditioning & refrigeration machinery, steel & pipe fabrication, boiler repairs/survey, automation work, arrangement of de-slopping facilities etc.

Makers representation for New Building Ships in Operation

To build new vessels, such as LNG/LPG carriers & other specialized ships, at shipyards throughout the world, we provide reliable machinery & equipment from Japan and other nations.We may provide services to ensure their safety & smooth functioning by utilizing Fuji's extensive global service network. For the purpose of choosing the equipment for new ship building projects, we coordinate with the ship-owners and the manufacturers.

Equipment supply including modification job for ships in operation.

During their long lifetime, vessels face the necessity of Retrofitting, Modification, Refurbishement and/or Up-grading to respond to diverse market situations or new regulations. We supply suitable machinery and equipment for these projects in time by tying up with trustful makers in Japan and other countries. Arrange manufacturer's supervisor at shipyard or dry docks.

Equipment supply for offshore projects.

Reliabilty of machinery and equipment is indispensable especially for offshore facilities and offshore support vessels. We supply high quality Japanese equipment with services based on accumulated knowhow to FPSO, FSO, FSRU, FLNG, Oil Rig and offshore support vessels.

With our longstanding relationships with the manufacturers and shipyards, we can procure any type of machinery / equipment for your vessels and provide prompt after sales support.

We are authorized sales & service agents for the following manufacturers.

Akasaka Diesel Ltd

Fukui Seisakusho
Co. Ltd

Fukushima LTD


Kashiwa Co.
Ltd, Japan

Komyo Rikagaku
Kogyo K.K.

Kosaka Laboratory

OSAV / Osaka Valve

LK Valves

Makita B&W

Mansei Inc, Miura
Machine Co.

Meiyo Electric Co.

Mitsubishi Heavy
Industries Co Ltd

Nakakita Seisakus
ho Ltd

Shinko Industries LTD

Nippon Pusnes Co.

Miura Co.Ltd.

Musasino Co.
Ltd, Japan

Niikura Kogyo
Co. Ltd

Nishi-F Co.,

Nunotani Nautical
Instruments Mfg Co

Teikoku Machinery

Tanabe Pneumatic

Sekigahara Seisakusho

Shigi Shipbuilding Co.

Volcano Co. Ltd

Taiko Kikai Industires
Co. Ltd

Takashina Life Preservers Co. Ltd

Tsuneishi Forestry Construction Company

General supply of Electric Motors, Air Condition & Refrigeration
Equipment, UTI gauges,Portable Detectors, Pressure/Tempera-
ture transmitters and gauges)